The mask that inspired the Seahawks logo

What inspired the Seattle Seahawks logo design? I posed that question to Burke Ethnology Curator Robin K. Wright thinking it would make a great blog post and social media content for the Burke to feature as the Seattle Seahawks prepare to play in the Superbowl game this Sunday. The result?


Robin discovered that there is an incredible mask that closely resembles the original Seahawks logo design. She and I worked together on an article for the Burke Blog and I created graphics to share on our social platforms.

In just over 24 hours since the blog post was published, it received more than 35,000 views (and counting) and the Facebook graphic reached more than 46,000 people thanks to the hundreds of people that are sharing it.

Update – This story was picked up and received international media attention—even a story in the New York Times! The mask was discovered in a museum in Maine and we crowdsourced funds to bring it to the museum where it was unveiled with the help of the Seattle Seahawks. Three years later and more than half a million people visited the blog post on the Burke’s website.

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